*twelve (76) is an independent Research and Enterprise Development consultancy, incorporating the Workforce Transformation & Analytics (WTA) a Centre of Expertise (CoE) formed through collaboration - combining innovative and transformation change management practices, promoting collaboration, building trans-disciplinary research and developing business methodology: facilitated through strong linkages with Industry, Governments and Community partnerships.

Registered ABN: 79 980 132 008

Our Planning Process

The nature of businesses, jobs and the workforce will continue to undergo transformation, particularly as we move to an economy reliant on new technologies, discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship. At *twelve (76) all projects begin with an in-depth analysis, identifying emerging trends and discontinuities.

Industry Insights & Analysis

Based on initial research and investigation, providing organisations with initial insights, models of practice, integration improvements and workforce pathways across the organisation to support future work skills - with the proficiencies and abilities required by different tasks and work settings.


With every organisation and industry faced with spatially differing challenges, initial insights will seek to identifying most emerging trends or discontinuities at the local and  global marketplace.


Our research insights should lead to planning towards business strategy, design process and innovation - leading to broadly transformative educational outcomes and promotes a highly prepared workforce.

Design & Conceptualisation Consultation

Through the 'Design and Conceptualisation Consultation' seminar we gain an organic and energetic learning experience from staff within the organisation, we establish a base for the development and advancement of their collaborative and entrepreneurial skills.

These workshop-style seminars are structured around the same idea of a 'focus group', providing for in-depth brainstorming discussions around ideas and concepts that challenge participants, processes and systems within an organisation.

To ensure competing ideas are created and developed, blocks range from between 3.5-5 hours in duration, complementing the natural flow of discussion and intuitive logic to participating groups of between 10-15 attendees.

Evaluation & Project Management

Translating research from insights and big data into concrete initiatives that drive above-market growth. Our goal is to help identify practical and interlocking capabilities that reveal and maximise the use of data appropriate to the client situation.

We engage our specialist collaborative partners to develop and provide deep customer understanding, utilising a range of quantitative and qualitative marketing research approaches plus big data techniques that are both innovative and pragmatic.

By applying these insights, our clients can develop innovative and differentiated marketing strategies that include effective value propositions, segmentation, branding, product design, pricing, and customer experiences.