*twelve (76) is an independent Research and Enterprise Development consultancy, incorporating the Workforce Transformation & Analytics (WTA) a Centre of Expertise (CoE) formed through collaboration - combining innovative and transformation change management practices, promoting collaboration, building trans-disciplinary research and developing business methodology: facilitated through strong linkages with Industry, Governments and Community partnerships.

Registered ABN: 79 980 132 008

Collaborative Themes

At *twelve (76) no matter the activity we undertake, we are instinctively concerned with disseminating new ideas and providing insights to create new knowledge on a regular and consistent basis. Our themes, formed through collaborative ventures provides the workforce with industry competitiveness - in our philosophy "sharing is the currency of relevance". 

Organisational Research & Practice

We gather and interpret evidence to support strategic decision-making, organisational effectiveness and change.

The organisational research practice includes:

  • Policy briefings and Horizon scanning: helping you to understand the implications of current policy and legislative changes, using futures techniques to identify important trends and issues.

  • Research to support Organisational Change: evidence to support restructuring and the creation of new multi-agency partnerships, organisations and service delivery models; such as health and wellbeing boards and staff-led mutuals.

  • Evidence to support Governance and Workforce: helping you review and refresh governance structures and standards, develop team and individual roles, and understand satisfaction and progression among particular staff groups.
Workforce Transformation & Analytics (WTA)

We have established the WTA as a Centre of Expertise (CoE) to work with organisations by identifying system and process improvements leading to strategic innovation to influence growth and efficiency at the operational level, complimented by ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, and Evaluate) methodology practioners.

Current WTA themes include:

  • Learning & Development (L&D) Capability

  • Organisational Transformation & Leadership

  • Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship

  • Knowledge Management & Learning

  • Social Research & Policy Development

Projects are delivered through vibrant, collaborative research and evidence based culture of performance - including but not limited to, the conduct of scholarly work, research and innovation.

Academic and Institutional Research

Current academic and professional research activities include monitoring national and international trends in higher education, in particular innovative practice-based learning and support services including:


  • Investing in academic research to better understand the 'Future of Work' in Australia and the role that we can potentially play in it,

  • Engaging in and contributing through multi-faceted thought leadership activities that explore and address issues around the future of work, and

  • With various levels of government and industry - developing opportunities and skills required to take advantage of the change from the digital future and beyond.

Academic themes are sourced from both within and external to the Phd - Doctoral program, to support this *twelve (76) continues in varying stages to build professional relationships and networks to foster and develop skills and talent.