*twelve (76) is an independent Research and Enterprise Development consultancy, incorporating the Workforce Transformation & Analytics (WTA) a Centre of Expertise (CoE) formed through collaboration - combining innovative and transformation change management practices, promoting collaboration, building trans-disciplinary research and developing business methodology: facilitated through strong linkages with Industry, Governments and Community partnerships.

Registered ABN: 79 980 132 008

...structured approaches for Organisational Change and Strategic Planning through Transformational Learning capability.
Consultation and Engagement

Are you able to integrate personal and cultural considerations into transformation programmes? Our work opens up insights into their attitudes, experiences and expectations, and highlights the drivers and values that inform these.

Programme and Impact Evaluation

How can your organisation build up the skills and embed the systems that will allow it to measure impact and value effectively? In the context of reduced budgets, increasing demand and scrutiny, we provide fit-for-purpose evidence.

Organisational Development & Capability

Do you need to understand the implications of policy or social change for your organisation or a particular group of service users? We help team leaders to think, relate and act in ways that go beyond traditional change management programmes. 

Change Management and Facilitation

Are you interested in finding out how to encourage your service users to change their behaviour or interact with you in new ways? We help create a shared narrative and vision for change that supports your core purpose and collective endeavour.

Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship

How much do you understand about the challenges people working in your sector will face in the future, what skills and structures will help you meet them? We help you to navigate the outcomes and impacts to your work environment.

*twelve-76 was established to bridge the gap on collaborative research between industry and practice, providing for independent research insights and consultancy for sector and organisational leaders, policymakers and regulators alike. Our efforts build innovative thinking, programmatic ideas and business philosophies, transferring existing knowledge through research into market-ready and economically valuable commodities for the workforce.

*twelve (76) provides a professional and demonstrated record of knowledge, experience and a commitment to scholarly-practice, structured through reliable benchmarks, providing professional direction, advice and representation - that is responsive, innovative and client-oriented. Our services provides expert analysis in education, health, economic development, research and technology - creating a unique mix of capabilities to address today's interrelated and developmental challenges.

*twelve (76) offers a collaborative forum for the engagement of knowledge, to develop strategic objectives and directions from scholarly research - utilising methodology established from  grounded theory, to ensure optimal workforce capacity, the implementation of contemporary solutions and learning aligned to optimise performance and engagement.


*twelve (76) provides vision, technical leadership, and management support across project knowledge management activities and ensures their alignment with the overall project goal and objectives. Key specialist skills and services are underpinned through knowledge and professional experience concurrent with the Doctor of Professional Studies (DProfSt), with the body of research comprising evidenced-based 'professional work' projects, evaluated as evidence of academic learning and innovative leadership

By establishing *twelve (76) as a research and consultancy, our collective aim is to work with organisations, to develop the skills and workforce capabilities in line with their strategic plans and ensure consistency in practice, from research through to the development and implementation of contemporary practice-based learning and development activities.

Research and Insights

Do you need to understand more about the implications of policy or social change for your organisation or a particular group of service users? We help clients to interpret research findings and to identify their practical implications.